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Project Reality - Server rules

Postby Belwar » 17.04.2014 07:21

1. General conduct:
  • Teamwork, maturity, good spirit and fairplay are required!
  • Players harassing others will be removed from the server, with a longer punishment if needed. Behave yourselves.
  • Team killing or injuring is not allowed under any circumstances. Accidents happen, so punish only when appropriate. It's also punishable to force others to commit team kill (for example forcing someone to kill you by standing in front of a truck).
  • Mumble is mandatory.

2. Bases:
  • Attacking enemy base (baserape) or shooting from your team's own base is not allowed in any game mode unless AAS indicates the base itself to be the last flag to be captured and all previous flags have been captured at that moment.
  • Exceptions:
    • Silent Eagle: Both the airports are considered as bases and you are not allowed to attack them before AAS permits it.
    • Korengal Valley: You are allowed to attack bases. However, mortar strikes into bases are not allowed.
    • Siege at Ochamchira: you are allowed to attack anywhere and by any means. This does not apply to the new alt-version of the map, only to the original 16 inf layer.

3. Vehicles and deployable assets:
  • Deliberate waste of team's vehicles and deployable assets is strictly forbidden.
  • Vehicles that require crewman or pilot kits to operate can be reserved by squads.
  • The first squad dedicated to such a vehicle gets it reserved for themselves.
    • Exceptions: If there are so many vehicles, that one squad can't handle them all, a secondary squad for that asset is allowed.
  • Squads name must communicate the name (or type) of the reserved vehicle.
  • Kits, light vehicles or deployable assets cannot be reserved.
  • Mortars are not allowed to be built in locations where the enemy cannot see and destroy them.
  • Use of common sense is allowed when vehicles are being used, reserved and given for others to use (no soloing, using supply truck as a taxi etc.). Even though light vehicles cannot be reserved, it's recommended and polite to ask squads using those if they need them anymore before taking them.

Recommended names for squads: Heli trans, CAS/Cobra/Apache/Att Huey, APC, TANK, Infantry, etc.

4. Squads:
  • You are allowed to make a squad as soon as Briefing in Progress -clock is ticking and you get an automatic server message "You are now allowed to make squads" on the upper corner.
  • No locked one-man squads. To support teamplay, it is highly recommended to keep squads unlocked at all times.

5. Cheating:
  • All use of cheating software / exploiting game bugs is a heavily punishable deed. Also so called ghosting, delivering information about caches, tickets etc. to the opposing side, is not allowed.

6. Interpretation of rules
  • In unclear situations admins (and admins only) interpret the rules, to their best judgement at each time. If you don't know what to do, ask an admin first

In case of any disturbances ask for an admin on the server, in Pelitutka's mumble- or irc-channels (#pelitutka @quakenet) or write here on this forum.
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